Julie works in the area of traditional media but does a lot of experimenting in the area of Mixed Media, while she is probably best known for Watercolours. She likes to describe herself best as a Realist impressionist and doesn't like to be governed by one style, medium or subject. Watercolours are wet into wet technique.
"Art is an addiction for me that never wanes, I hope to be able to enjoy painting and exhibiting for the rest of my life. As I travel around I realise that there wont be enough years to paint all the scenes I see in this life time. I will have to be reincarnated for a few lifetimes, I am sure of that."

"You have to be passionate and self critical about painting when your putting yourself on show. For the public and hopefully selling to people from Australia and overseas."

"The love and magic of creating a new artwork lives in the soul, and in my case consumes every part of me plus every minute I can spare Then when I do get an opportunity I go off on another plein air painting trip, or another workshop to learn something new. As life is an eternal learning journey and my inspiration is born out of all the beauty of this world and not the ugly as we see portrayed in so many artworks these days."

Julie Goldspink
350 Melbourne Road,
Victoria 3942
Phone : 0402 123 978 or 03 5988 8852


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Colours of Autumn

April 16-14 2020

Paintaway in Bright

As promised, we are re-presenting the information for our paintaway to the lovely township of Bright. There had been 4 withdrawals before Christmas with worries about the bushfires.

I have been in touch with people in town and visitors who are so relieved that the area has been spared and they are really encouraging us to come. So, we are resending the invitation to join us. The weather will be cooling down, there should be colour on the trees and the river will still be bubbling along. Of course, from Mt Buffalo we will be painting the valley vistas or rocky terrain.

Now we are really looking forward to the journey. As of today (Feb 1), there are vacancies. I hope you might like to join us or please send this info to someone who would love to have the opportunity to paint the season’s change in this iconic part of Australia.

There is more information on, www.paintdownunder.com